Failure Guarantees

Failure Ways

It is not difficult to show secrets of success. There are thousands of books, seminars, podcasts, interviews, videos and training courses devoted to the question of achieving success. Some of them even have practical value. But even if people have that information available for free, lots of them go on living their average life and never achieve any significant results.

Criticism: Cure for the Strong, Poison for the Weak

Constructive Criticism

Imagine a world without criticism: everyone says compliments to each other, failures never worry anyone, and even if someone notices them, he or she keeps silent. Well, it is time to get back to reality: such a world is not for us. will tell more about criticism: is it good or bad, how to act when your collocutor crosses the line and starts throwing insults in your way.

Motivation Loss: What is the Reason?

Motivation Loss

It is difficult to stay motivated all the time, because it requires making conscious efforts. Thoughts about past and future come back from time to time, making it very difficult to concentrate on the present moment and not to worry about things you can’t change. Plus, every person gets trapped in a “psychological pit” sooner or later. The ability to get out of that pit is what differs average person from the great one. If you know how to motivate yourself, you’ll do few times more and better than the person which just stays with the crowd.

10 Tips on Improving Your Language Skills

Language Learning

Starting to learn a new language from “zero” can be not that easy as it seems to be at the very beginning of one’s way. They say, there is no problem: buy a printed guide or audio-course, and learn. In most critical cases, go to a local studying center or register on the one of the specialized websites. In reality, it all can be a bit more complicated.

Creating a Strategical Goal

Strategical Goal Creation

Do you want to be the hostage of circumstances and only to react onto the events happening in your life? Probably, no. When you have a strategy, many troubles can be avoided or prevented. Creating that strategy takes time and efforts, that’s not an easy process. It can take several weeks even. But when it’s done, you’ll get a guide for your life, based on your personal interests.  See opinion on the topic.

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