How to Pick a Right Type of Custom Essay Service?

Once you visit this webpage you can find the variety of different options to select for your college essay. For getting the desired results, you are to be well-informed which options should be picked among others. To learn all the details and peculiarities of our writing service and pricing system, you can check this article or ask for advice from our customer support team.

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Pricing Policies for College Essay Assistance

There are certain fixed points of our pricing policies that every customer of our custom essay writing service should know:

  • We have investigated the price levels in the field of custom essay writing and have set the lowest prices for all the services which we deliver.
  • Every customer without exception can receive a discount for their school essay or more complicated assignments.
  • The prices for papers are fixed and cannot be changed with the exception of discount’s application. However, we are always ready to hear your requirements and offer the most suitable price for online essays.
  • Consider that the prices differ depending on the type of service you select for writing essays. When the customer selects business writing or writing from scratch, the price will be higher than for rewriting, editing and proofreading.
  • When you ask us “write my paper” you may select the additional features, for instance, editor’s services, Turnitin report, writer’s sample, category of the writer etc. Please, be informed that these extra features make the price higher.
  • The customers from the EU and US are charged 20% VAT additionally.

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Write My Essay from Zero

Essay Writing

If the customer tells “write my paper” we need to clarify first if you have already any materials completed or want it to be written from zero. In case you come just with the college essay’s instructions you should pick the type of service “writing from scratch” for your custom essay. Here are some vital points that you are to know about the process of essay writing with us:

  1. No topic for the school essay? In fact, it does not matter for us. Even if you tell us “write my essay but I have no topic” our paper writer will be able to come up with the one which will suit your instructions perfectly. In case you have got the topic assigned by your professor we will complete an original essay for it.
  2. We stick to your instructions. Remember to double check the paper instruction field in the process of buying the custom essay. The writing professionals follow your requirements to the letter and for this reason we encourage our customers to provide the instructions to be met in school and college essays in a detailed and precise manner.
  3. How many pages to buy? This requirement is crucial since most tutors demand a certain amount of words to be written the academic or school essays. According to our standards for essay writing, one page with double spacing contains minimum 275 words and one page with single spacing has 550 words. Remember to check the college requirements for the number of words to write your paper.

Services to Amend Your School Essay

There is good way for you to save your money as we have the three types of services for paper corrections apart from writing essays. Editing, rewriting and proofreading are slightly cheaper than writing from scratch since they deal only with fixing a certain percentage of paper that you wrote by your own. Here is a table that will let you understand these services better:


Select this custom essay service when you need a lot of changes in the draft. Usually, the students provide their written papers with the comments from professors or their personal instructions. If you pay for essay rewrite you will get up to 70% amended.


Editing type of service is suitable for the cases when no more than 30% of the paper should be fixed. Choose this service for paper polishing or minor changes in the essay writing.


In case you feel unsure about correctness of your writing proofreading is a worthy service for you to pick. The professional writer will fix all types of mistakes in the paper.

Important notes for these types of service:

  • Number of pages. Before you submit the order, check how many words your paper contains and indicate the number of pages in the order form accordingly. This is how you will avoid delays with essay writing and additional charges for extra pages.
  • Comments for editing/rewriting. If you have a file or letter with the professor’s comments we will be glad to review it in order to achieve the necessary results and write your essay properly. Also, you are welcome to indicate your own instructions so the writer knows what exactly you want to be done.

Additional services

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Business Writing: Resumes, CVs, Content, Cover Letters

We are ready to assist with all kinds of writing not both academic and non-academic context. This is why you can find the type of service called business writing in the order form of our custom essay website. There are various options for you to select among but the most popular ones are CVs, letters and content articles. In case you are student and need a cheap essay for any kind of application you can order it here as well.

Business writing type of service has specific deadlines and no academic level field. Please, note these points before making your order for the non-plagiarized essay at our website.

Revision Option: A Unique Chance for Free Amendments

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Our custom essay writing service is one of the few websites which guarantee free revisions for all the customers. This kind of service allows us to improve papers once they are completed and even delivered to the customer. While you do not need to pay anything for the paper’s revision at our website if you request it within 10 days, other companies usually charge extra for this kind of service. The revision request must contain comments how the paper must be amended. The following can be provided:

  • Comments from your professor in case you have submitted the essay and it has been returned for revision;
  • If you find any points that contradict the initial description which you provided before – leave us a request of this kind: ‘I have my own revision instructions to rewrite my paper’.

We are always happy to receive the revision requests for academic works and school essays as it is a good chance for us to polish the paper and a great way for the student to get the results which they desire.

Many customers are asking ‘write my paper with no plagiarism’. Please, consider that all the products delivered are original essays since they contain correct referencing and are double checked through the plagiarism detectors developed for the academic writing especially.

More Ways to Save Your Money

We are interested in offering the cheapest essays for you; therefore, our team is always trying its best to reduce the price quote. Although we have fixed prices to write the papers, we have prepared for you a list of ways how to pay less.

Discount Card
  1. 1. Getting a discount. This is the easiest and most popular method to get a cheap essay at our website. Our service is special about providing the discounts to all the customers: you do not need to have a certain number of orders or buy a particular number of pages to get 10% off for your original work. The discount codes are available 24/7 and all you have to do is just to ask the support representative for a promo code to apply for your writing task.
  2. 2. Setting longer time frames. To meet your needs, we have preset time limits to write your paper even in urgent situations but it is suggested to select the time frame that is the longest from all available for essay writing. Apart from giving more time to the writer, you are paying less since the longer the deadline – the lower the price.
  3. 3. Buying main parts of the paper. In case you cannot afford to pay for the full paper you should consider buying a part of it. For example, when you need a dissertation you can make an order for the literature review and research parts and pay only for those pages that will be written for this section. After you were delivered this part of writing, you will be able to come up with the abstract, introduction and conclusion by your own since you will not have to conduct your own research but only to analyze the existing paper and extract the necessary ideas for the missing parts.
  4. 4. Buying an outline. One more way to pay for fewer pages is buying an outline instead of the full paper. You will have to do some work by your own like extending the outline into the paper but still it will let you save much since you will need to buy one or two pages only.
  5. 5. Avoiding extra features. We are offering a number of additional features for the customers who want to assure that their online essay is perfect. Therefore, those options are causing extra payment since we need to perform additional work like editing the paper, submitting the plagiarism reports etc. Nevertheless, the paper without the additional features will be still fine and meeting your requirements as every custom essay is checked carefully by our writers and quality department. Thus, if you want to pay less for your online essays you might not pick additional options from the order form.
  6. 6. Being our loyal customer. When you have had a lot of orders with us and delegated most of your college tasks to us would be happy to provide you with benefits for your loyalty. The client is able to receive bonuses like free editing service for the completed paper or promo codes. The most pleasant benefit is surely and opportunity to apply for the higher discount which will work on a permanent basis for your writing with us.

Extra Features: Improving the Paper’s Quality

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When you check the order form at our custom website attentively you will find a range of the additional features that can be selected. Here is brief information for you before you make your choice:

Plagiarism report (Turnitin)

The document created by the Turnitin system which proves that your paper is original and shows the rate of similarity.

Writer’s sample

One of the previously written works by the writer which are attached to your file’s section once the writer is allocated.

Writer’s category

There are two categories of the advanced writers for your selection: Top (the writers with the highest rates) and ENL writers.

Editor’s service

In case you pick this option the paper will be double checked by the professional Editor after the writer completes it.

Summary of the paper

This option is chosen for abstracts or one-page summaries to be written when they are necessary in the lengthy papers.

All ‘write my essay’ requests thus lead to

Get qualified help according to your instructions and contemporary formatting styles; range of services.

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