How to Get a Paper Without Plagiarism?

A lot of students nowadays claim that plagiarism is their worst enemy in the process of paper writing. Even when one is completing the essay by their own without copying any content from other writer’s works it may appear plagiarized. To be sure that you will not be penalized for stealing someone’s ideas you are to be well-armed against plagiarism. Here is information how we manage to avoid brain-picking.

No Plagiarism

Is Plagiarism Free Paper Easy to Write?

To stay assured that your essay is original you are to be well-informed about the nature of plagiarism and its types. Here is our short classification of this issue:

  • Direct plagiarism: it deals with copying the content directly from the source that you use. This type is really dangerous and it is easily detected and the writer cannot find any excuse about it.
  • Indirect plagiarism: when you are reading a certain source and paraphrase the ideas instead of just copying and pasting them into your work and do not indicate the book or article which you have taken those ideas from – this will be definitely marked as plagiarism. Remember about the work cited page and correct referencing in such cases. No one will judge you negatively on using the authoritative sources – professors usually support students who are reading the necessary sources for the paper completion.

How to Complete an Original Work?

Original Essays

Although it seems complicated, it is definitely possible to complete a work that is free from plagiarism. Check on the must-follow points to elude brain-picking:

  1. Follow the instruction that you were given. Remember to check the requirements: typically they are the tips for your paper which will guide you throughout the process. Professors do not try to make your paper obscure with them but provide the instructions as an explanation.
  2. Mind the type of paper. Most types of papers allow you to use sources but there are some that pre-suppose writing without usage of any external works. For instance, these are the creative writing and reflective essay.
  3. Check how many sources you can use. For the most writing tasks you will have a requirement on the number of books, articles or journals that you are allowed to use.

What Are Our Means of Writing Without Plagiarism?

Writers that are working on your assignments are undoubtedly following the points which are stated above but there are some more ways how we make sure that the work is original:

  • Detection of plagiarism. Our specialists are using the particular software that compares the submitted work with other online resources and marks the areas which need to be fixed.
  • Assessing similarity with Turnitin. The clients of our company have an opportunity to order the extra option of Turnitin paper submission. The report about similarity will be delivered from the most reliable similarity detector.

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