Money Back Rules

All the customers of this service can apply for getting their payment back taking into account this policy. Here you will find the most important rules and instructions how to ask for a refund and get a paid amount refunded.

  1. Refund is possible to be applied during 10 days period after the paper’s delivery. Later requests are accepted in exceptional cases only.
  2. In cases the client would like to dispute the order they are to contact Dispute Department of this service which can be reached through email. Their address is received from the service’s support representatives per request.
  3. When the request is sent to the DD you should expect the reply within next 7-14 days. We do not set the concrete date for the dispute to be resolved as some cases require additional clarifications.

Money Back Situations:

Double payments:

The entire payment back is offered if one order is paid two times or you make two similar orders and inform us about the issue right away before writer is provided.

Late delivery of the paper

There are two different lateness instances:

  • A cost of the order when the paper is sent after dead line’s expiry can be changed according to a longer time frame in the price list. The needed amount will be issued back as soon as possible. In case the selected deadline is 7 days or more we offer 10% to be refunded.
  • Sometimes, the paper arrives later due to a clarification pending. If the service representatives ask for certain information from you, we set the order in pending section and cannot proceed until a clarification is received. The same happens in case the additional materials are missing. Under this condition, you cannot ask for the late delivery compensation.
  • As you are setting the deadlines for revisions the service guarantees that they are met. Lateness of the initial order in this case is the feature which is non-refundable. The money can be issued back in maximum size of 15% in exceptional situations.

The product does not meet demands

  • There is an obligation for customers to ask for the revision after they find any drawback in the attached file. The revisions are not paid for and can be asked for 10 days after the work is delivered. Also, the ten-day period is the time when a customer can request a refund. The disputes are not started after this period expires.
  • Please, note that we are not able to issue the refund if you have not had any revisions for your paper performed.
  • After the ten-day period passes the order is approved by the customer or the system – which means that you are contented by it and no free revisions or refunds are possible.
  • If you claim that plagiarism is detected in the essay written by this academic assistance service, you must provide the writer with the official report about similarity so we can verify and fix the problem. Though, the plagiarism claims are really rare in our service as we treat this issue seriously and double check every passage written.

Canceling the Order

Does the client want to cancel the assignment? The company offers a refund in such situation according to the following rules:

  1. The order is canceled right after it is made – a full payment goes back to the client.
  2. After the writer has been allotted for your paper writing and less than half of the time limit expired, 70% of the payment will be sent back.
  3. When more than half of the time frame passes, we can offer you 30% refund.
  4. Once the paper is ready (even if the deadline has not passed) you cannot receive any compensation.

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