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The only way to achieve perfection in paper writing is looking through it several times and polishing till it looks magnificent. This is what we offer at What is more, we prefer attaining the perfect look of the paper with the help of the customer since they are the consumers of the products and know best what to improve. For this reason, we provide revisions free from charge, unlimited number of times until clients find their paper fine. Here are the key policies for you to know:

  1. Free revisions are available for all the customers without any exceptions. You can ask for your order to be revised and not pay for this request within 10 days after the paper has been uploaded for you.
  2. When 10 days of unpaid revisions pass, the customer is charged for his request. The amount to be paid is determined by the necessary changes.
  3. The customer is to provide comments and the time limit to review the paper. The revision time frame has to be sufficient for the writer to analyze the demands and fulfill them: we recommend the customer to set minimum 2-3 hours as the revision time limit.
  4. When the customer is willing to ask for a refund we oblige them to get one revision performed for the urgent order and 2 revisions for the papers that have longer time frames.
  5. We give our customers a chance to get a different writer in case they are not contented with the first writer allotted. However, there must be at least 3 revisions held for the writer to be reassigned and precise argumentation from the customer’s side why the current writer cannot continue working on the assignment.
  6. In some cases, we are forced to ask the payment for revision. Apart from the late revision requests, this is the changes in the instructions submitted initially. In fact, the writer has to redo the paper unexpectedly and the revision is not caused by the writer’s inattentiveness. This is why payment for editing or rewriting is charged.
  7. For the customers that place orders for 30 or more pages paper, we have a special opportunity of progressive delivery when free revisions are available for 20 days instead of ten-day period.

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