10 Tips on Improving Your Language Skills

Language Learning

Starting to learn a new language from “zero” can be not that easy as it seems to be at the very beginning of one’s way. They say, there is no problem: buy a printed guide or audio-course, and learn. In most critical cases, go to a local studying center or register on the one of the specialized websites. In reality, it all can be a bit more complicated.

So, authors from myessay.us give you 5 recommendations on improving the pronunciation and diction on your own, and 5 more for those daring to to be able to communicate with the others much better as a result.

5 Ways to Improve Your Oral Speech in Foreign Language

Work on Your Pronunciation

Pronunciation Improvement

Good skills here can help you be understood by native speaking persons much better. In most languages, there exist several levels of it, and you mostly use them while learning. To improve them all, we recommend you to go in for various guides and audio recordings.

Hear What You Learn

Do that as often as you can: listen to live shows, watch videos, movies and podcasts. Mostly, newbies prefer reading a lot rather than hearing a “live” tongue. Do the opposite: start exclusively from listening, and then try moving to a regular writing and reading after some time. Spend more time on audio-lessons and listen to various pronunciation variations, accents and style. Additionally, reading aloud, speaking out monologues and dialogues will certainly be good for your progress here as well.

Read Aloud Much and Often

Though, here may appear some difficulties:

  • Not everyone can form their thoughts in other tongue words easily;
  • Not everyone is able to get the sense correctly from the first try;

The second problem can be solved if to read texts aloud. Read big texts aloud several times in order to get the pronunciation improved. Repeat the most complicated expressions separately: do it slowly first, and try to pronounce them naturally after that.

Know Whole Expressions, Not Separate Words

Once you get a new word learnt, find a sentence or any complete phrase where it is used. Repeat the sentence up to 10 times in a row, in order to make sure you pronounce it totally natural.

Oral lessons and audio-courses, as well as various topical educational podcasts, will be very helpful for you to make your oral speech skills better.

5 Ways to Make Your Oral Skills in Foreign Language Better through Communication

During communication, your openness and naturality often matter more than keeping up to all the grammar rules. Sometimes it is better to express your thoughts “not as in books”, but to let your collocutor understand you correctly, rather than to try building up a complicated grammar construction.

Speak With No Rush

Giving out phrases too fast with accent and mistakes does not make you “look like” those who know a certain tongue for their whole life. Slow pronunciation and calm speech have their own “pluses”, too:

  • You have additional seconds to think on what exactly you are going to say;
  • Your speech is clearer and more easy for your collocutor to get its sense;

With time, and after active interaction with native speakers, your speech will certainly become more smooth and fast.

Train to Think in Another Language

Translate thoughts from your native tongue into foreign one, try to pronounce and form sentences and phrases in mind, to think on events using the tongue you want to learn, and not only the native one.

If You Forget a Word…

Try to replace in with synonyms or describe the “forgotten” word. Newbies studying the language often get “stuck” when speaking to their collocutors once they forget the word or definition. Don’t get lost: use synonyms, antonyms, descriptions, and analogies.

And the main point…

Don’t be Nervous and Keep Positive Mood! Conversation is not an exam, and nobody wants you to get a good mark and excellent language operating. Be patient, stay positive about your companions, don’t be nervous for no reason and just find out new things: foreign languages fit to this goal perfectly.

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