Thinking Successfully

Successful Businessmen

If you think that you are surrounded by enemies, and nothing can turn your life path to bright prospects, you will achieve nothing. The way to success is an optimistic attitude to life and persistence in every action you do.

Seven Key Mistakes of Studying

Studying Mistakes

Every human learns new things constantly, even if you are not a student who has to learn actively and directly. People catch knowledge parts from the Internet, they cook various dishes, hide emotions and so on. But conscious, directed learning is much more complicated. Whatever you study – biology, math or guitar playing – there are mistakes not depending on a subject. We would like to discuss them in this article. If you can avoid them, your learning speed will increase a few times. guarantees.

University Dilemma: To Quit or not to Quit?

Student at the University

We constantly meet the need to make choices throughout life. Sometimes it is quite easy and actually meaningless: chicken or fish roll in “McDonald’s”, Lannisters or Starks in “Game of Thrones” series. But sometimes, it comes to the choice determining (no matter how pathetically it sounds) your future.

Students: Getting Rid of Creative Block

Lack of Creativity

Everyone has moments of inspiration when the job progresses with a demonic speed and you seem to be close to inventing an absolutely unique bicycle. There happen other days as well, when the only thing you can do is to write something like “London is the capital of Great Britain, and all of your creative ideas seem to claim an eternal boycott. Do not be too afraid: this happening has its name and it can be fought. One of writers is right about telling you how to do that.

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