Motivation Loss: What is the Reason?

It is difficult to stay motivated all the time, because it requires making conscious efforts. Thoughts about past and future come back from time to time, making it very difficult to concentrate on the present moment and not to worry about things you can’t change. Plus, every person gets trapped in a “psychological pit” sooner or later. The ability to get out of that pit is what differs average person from the great one. If you know how to motivate yourself, you’ll do few times more and better than the person which just stays with the crowd.

Motivation Loss

Gaining motivation is much easier than keeping it. To tune up for a certain activity, one sometimes needs only a couple minutes. On the other side, staying motivated during a long period of time is extremely difficult.

There are three main reasons why you experience motivation loss:

1. Lack of Confidence

If you don’t believe that you are able to achieve all of your goals, is there any reason to try?

2. Lack of Focus

If you have no idea what you want to achieve, how would you understand that you do what you have to do?

3. Lack of Ways

If you don’t know what exactly you have to do, how can you find motivation for achievements?

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How to Increase Your Confidence?

Probably, lack of confidence is the greatest enemy of motivation. Once this happens to you, concentrate on what you really want while being aware about what you already have with you in your life. The half of a solution is to understand that you have a place to live, food to eat, water to drink, close people to talk with them. You already have that all. Now you need to think about reaching something bigger without thinking about your past mistakes and defeats. Thoughts about your dark past are what takes your self-confidence away.

You should feed yourself and get inspired with successes of other people or companies, not to feel envy on them. As soon as envy appears, a victim syndrome comes along with it. You start thinking that you are worse that others in something, and you concentrate on lowering their results because of those thoughts. Remember that the knowledge about how to get inspired with success and achievements of great people is the excellent way to motivate yourself and to understand that everything is possible to achieve if to think correctly and improve yourself all the time.

Create some lists: your advantages, your past achievements, your thanks for certain things and moments of your present life. This will tune you up for a positive, proactive thinking and won’t allow you to think about negativity.

How to Create Actual Focus?

Focus and Motivation

How often do you concentrate on things you don’t want instead of thinking about those you want?

People usually think basing on their fears. They are afraid of poverty, loneliness, disrespect. The problem is, while thinking like that you don’t want to act, you only wish to defend yourself. Of course, there is no way to talk about motivation in that case.

If you caught yourself on thinking through fears, then concentration on your main goal will be your first correct step. When the goal is clear, it becomes easier to start acting.

Fear of being poor does not lead you to taking any efforts, but makes you accept the situation. Creating a plan of your enrichment does not guarantee you becoming rich at all, but it makes you focus on possibilities, not on fears. This will help you think about self-learning, gaining new skills and improving yourself. Nobody can be 100% sure that you’ll reach the goal, but you increase your chances seriously at least. Plus, you start doing right things and won’t waste your time on unnecessary tasks and thoughts.

How to Find a Way?

You choose the way you are going to move. If the focus is about choosing the final goal, then the way is about finding an everyday strategy for reaching that goal.

Having no way kills a person’s motivation absolutely. If you don’t understand what your next step would be, then procrastination appears. A person who decided to start own blog and devoting most part of their time to reading other blogs is a good example here. This is an important process, but there comes the moment when such a reading becomes harmful and serves as an excuse for one’s laziness.

So, first of all, you need to determine activities that will lead you to a success (or won’t lead, who knows). The main thing here is to notice which steps work and which don’t and why.

For a person who wants to become a blogger, such activities can be helpful:

  1. Writing contents;
  2. Monitoring trendy topics;
  3. Meeting other bloggers;
  4. Website optimization and design;
  5. Responding to comments;
  6. Reading other blogs.

If you certainly feel your motivation is about to disappear, then you need to create a plan of actions based on the overall picture and to surely know which of the steps is better to be the first one. Another important thing is to know how actually you should make that step.

Motivated people can get their satisfaction with the process while keeping thoughts about why they do what they do in their minds. It does not matter how many steps are in your plan, you always should think about the point of each step.

Remember that your motivation will fade out from time to time, that’s the unavoidable process. But your willpower and your discipline can help you get it back. 

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