Failure Guarantees

Failure Ways

It is not difficult to show secrets of success. There are thousands of books, seminars, podcasts, interviews, videos and training courses devoted to the question of achieving success. Some of them even have practical value. But even if people have that information available for free, lots of them go on living their average life and never achieve any significant results.

The reality has one feature: even if you have all the necessary knowledge, you won’t be safe from mistakes and failures. There is nothing bad in them if you learn and correct your behavior and your actions. But what if failures follow you all the time whatever you do? What do you do wrong? See what writers think about it.

You Expect Others to Approve You

When comes time to make an important decision, you consult with people around instead of trusting your own logic and intuition. You value opinions of other people more than your own one. This emotional daring towards being approved comes out of your lack of self-confidence and the wish to please everyone.

Successful people treat recommendations they get very seriously. They consider only opinions from people who have especially big influence on a particular question. And they never take “public opinion” seriously. Especially when it comes to problems advisors do not have any experience with. Finally, they act like they think it to be right, and not like other people convince them to act.

You are Busy with Hanging Out, Not Studying

You have a full-time job, you can have a good academic success, but you never watched into books since entering the university. Your maximum is to pass through trainings and seminars for uni or work, when the company paid for them. Instead of investing into yourself during free time, you get distracted by numerous entertainments than never bring any real use for your life. So do not wonder when there will come the day you’ll be replaced by someone who hanged out a bit less, but studied a bit more.

You Blame Others

You are not satisfied with how things are going in your life, but you always have a perfect excuse for that. Unfair boss, imprudent colleagues, parents, teachers, economic reality of your country, etc. Everyone but you.

You refuse 100% responsibility for your results. You refuse to accept that it is YOU who control your life, and you rule every field of it on your own.

You are Afraid of Mistakes

You are afraid of failures, so you do everything possible to avoid mistakes from happening. But at the same time, you forget that a mistake can’t be estimated from the point of “good-bad”, that’s just a feedback. And you try to avoid it instead of learning from it. You delay the moment of decision making because you fear to make a mistake. As a result, you spend lots of time on doubts and perspective analysis, you often change your opinion, and the lack of confidence is rare to be the synonym for “success”.

You are Used to Dramatize Things

Your life looks like a reality-show episode. You are rare to be in good relations with people around you. You gossip on them and they (surprise!) gossip on you too. Conflicts and quarrels happen, you don’t look for compromise, your own rightness (sometimes a “so-called” one) is more important for you than good relations with people around.

You Spend Time with People Leading You Into Nowhere

Jim Ron, who is thought to be the leading business-philosopher of the USA once said human is an “average” of five other persons they spend most of their time with.

It is bad if you spend the most part of your time with people who do not support your success; if they don’t have ambitions, goals, will to improve their life; if they do not share your enthusiasm and never support you in your choices.

Successful people know the attitude of people around is infectious, so they intentionally surround themselves with people who will support them and push them towards achievements. They know they can’t allow themselves to accept beliefs, thoughts and habits of average people if they want to succeed.

You are Careless with Money

Money Failure Guarantee

You are often out of money before your month ends. You live from a salary to a salary and store nothing for future. You get into debts and buy things you can’t allow yourself. You spend money trying to look successful, but your bank account can’t confirm that. You don’t have a retirement plans and any investments bringing you incomes.

Get rid of mentioned failure guarantees and pay attention to changes your life will get pretty soon.

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