Habits of Productive Writers

The Writer

The job of a writer is not only about walking around cafes and restaurants in order to find inspiration. It requires certain self-discipline as well. This article will describe habits of productive writers, their motivation and tricks that help them stay creatively calm. Let’s be honest: it is not easy for you to tell yourself to work when there is no any other person standing upon you and controlling your progress. Agreed? Even when you’re busy with your favorite job, there happen moments when fingers want to get away from the keyboard and brain just refuses to work. Here are eight habits of productive writers, which are going to help you become more effective… if you want that, of course.

Sample of an Essay on Why Illiteracy Is a Threat of the Modern World

Child Writing

I agree, this might sound slightly incredible. Let’s just start from the fact that you CAN read and understand this piece of writing quite easily. Also, you CAN take your pen and notebook and rewrite this text. Besides, you CAN open MS Word and re-type this paragraph or just copy and paste it. I know, you are going to tell me even more: your whole town CAN do the same, and so CAN the whole town where your grandparents live. So, what’s the matter then?

6 Common Types of Your College Groupmates: Unbiased Classification

Hippie and Dandy

Before we move to our classification, let’s check what sociology can tell us about the so-called social groups. So, generally, they are formed by two and more people whose relationships and thus communication feature a certain pattern. You and all those guys who face at college most often also form such a group. Even if you come from different countries, you are almost the same age, you are given the same assignments, you keep abreast of the same tendencies in, say, music or cybernetics.

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