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The job of a writer, as it happens at myessay.us, is not only about walking around cafes and restaurants in order to find inspiration. It requires certain self-discipline as well. This article will describe habits of productive writers, their motivation and tricks that help them stay creatively calm. Let’s be honest: it is not easy for you to tell yourself to work when there is no any other person standing upon you and controlling your progress. Agreed? Even when you’re busy with your favorite job, there happen moments when fingers want to get away from the keyboard and brain just refuses to work. Here are eight habits of productive writers, which are going to help you become more effective… if you want that, of course.

What Do Productive Writers Do?

  • They Deny “Lack of Inspiration”

    It is much easier to say that the muse went away than to accept that writing is not an easy deal which needs responsibility and sacrifices. But productive writers do not look for excuses when things go hard. They treat writing as a regular job. They come and go after certain hours. Nothing romantic here. They set up a quote: certain amount of hours spent in a chair, or certain number of words on the display. Using simple mathematics, you can easily understand how fast 1000 words per day make your book longer. These authors know how to use deadlines to stay in a “flow”.

  • They Do Not Practice Empty Talks about Their Projects

    Many authors prefer talking about writing to the writing itself. Some of them can spend years studying their topic, providing researches and so on, until they lose their interest to what they wanted to write. There is nothing bad in being silent. You better say about your project once when the work is already in progress. And you should start real discussing when it is done.

  • They Believe In Themselves and Their Job

    Maybe, that is an overconfidence or delusion, but to be an effective writer you need to believe in what you do. If you think and doubt every step, you’ll start going backwards soon. You will have to risk looking like a selfish and overconfident person, even if you do not like thinking about yourself that way. In this case, the job is your priority. You will probably hate yourself being like that. But with time, you will understand that this is necessary for you to stay productive.

  • They Are Excited With Their Projects

    You probably noticed how many academic writing is provided without any feelings involved into a job. Some scientists can finish their book during such a long period of time that they forget what interested them in the topic at the very beginning. Productive people go another way: they become impatient and look for new strong feelings. They like exploring the unknown. Their curiosity thirst leads them to interesting and unusual discoveries. Being passionate about your project is a solid way to success.

  • They Know Their Advantages
    Writer and Advantages

    It is important to find a project and approach that will work on you, especially at the start of your career. This will let you use your real and valuable skills to reach the best effect. The best thing about writing is the dialogue between the writer and the reader. Be yourself on a paper, be as real as you are in your regular life, and your project will only win from that.

  • They Read a Lot of Different Books

    This phrase is really old. One doubtfully can add something to a fact that reading improves writing. Productive writers should use reading as the way to make their skills better: to increase their lexicon, to borrow some hints and tricks from authors they admire. Even reading of a bad book can give you a lesson about how not to write

  • They Know How to Finish a Draft

    Just like in relationships, start is always amazing and easy, full of hopes and promises. Till the “middle” period you get comfortable. You meet routine, and that is a kind of satisfaction as well. But then many people just hit the wall. No matter why that happens: because of a disappointment, boredom or lack of self-confidence. They get trapped in a dead end. Productive writers know they need to keep going even through the toughest times and to finish the project at any cost.

  • They Don’t Allow Themselves to Relax

    If only I had three free hours every day. If only I had a perfect office. If only I could print fast. People often say “Oh, I would write a book if I had time”, like there is a magic spell able to bind them to their chair and computer.

    You will have your time only if you make it your priority. If the writer’s effectiveness goes low and they start doubting themselves (“I can’t make it, it’s too complicated” or “I will never be able to write anything good at all), productive authors stop pitying on themselves and start just doing their job.

    You understood already that there are no short ways, magic spells or special exercises making you the author of bestsellers in a moment, didn’t you? You need to work out your habits and practice a lot, and that’s all. 

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