6 Common Types of Your College Groupmates: Unbiased Classification

Hippie and Dandy

Before we move to our classification, let’s check what sociology can tell us about the so-called social groups. So, generally, they are formed by two and more people whose relationships and thus communication feature a certain pattern. You and all those guys who face at college most often also form such a group. Even if you come from different countries, you are almost the same age, you are given the same assignments, you keep abreast of the same tendencies in, say, music or cybernetics.

However, if we all were so similar, life in this world would get much more boring, wouldn’t it? All those differences in our characters, worldviews, and lifestyles add some piquancy to our routine when we meet our soulmates and give us some electric shocks every time we interact with our opposites. 

Today we are going to shed light on the personalities of people you now see more often than your parents. Let’s talk about your college groupmates and find out who of them gives you an electric shock and who of them seasons your life with optimism. Probably, you will even recognize yourself.

Please note that the “classification” you can find below is not based on some scientific discoveries. The main sources of info our team of writers used were our own college experience as well as the results of the recent student survey conducted by our essay service specialists in Education and Sociology.

So, let’s check what we’ve managed to find out!

Students Drawing on Board

Monitor: Two Subtypes

Well, yes, you’ve got it right. Monitor can be considered both a “title” and a particular type of students. However, the way monitors approach their duties and responsibilities becomes a major factor for dividing them into two rather opposite subtypes.

We aren’t intending to hurt your feelings here if you are a monitor of your group at college. We’ll just share our humble opinions with you and you’ll decide whether you agree with us or not. Alright, let’s go back to the topic.

Those super responsible guys will once definitely become managers at some companies. It is another question whether their colleagues will respect them, but their bosses certainly will. Such monitors have all their groupmates and professors in their Facebook friends list. They always know what professor assigns what essay and even how to write it. They always have that rare book you need so badly. And it does seem that some professors are more indulgent to them than to other students.

However, our team’s experience shows that a completely different type of monitors exists in the academic world. It’s when your professors keep asking you and your groupmates: ‘How on earth you’ve picked him/her to be a monitor?!’ Yeah, they ask you because the protagonist of their question skips classes. Again.


This is a student who gets the highest grades in your group, or is even the best student of the entire course. Sometimes he or she is also a monitor of the first subtype. Whether a perfectionist makes notes in a copybook or tablet, you can see that they are always well structured and highlighted with different colors. And of course, the perfectionist learns them all by heart.

However, the thing is that these guys often focus on making everything about their study perfect from the outside. But they don’t dive deeper into the inner essence of the knowledge they get. Simply put, they cram but don’t analyze what they cram. They can know the notes by heart, but if you ask them anything “extracurricular” about the topic, they might simply get lost. 

The Creative

Come on, you can find them in every college group. If you don’t know any, probably they are among those guys with dreadlocks and in checkered shirts, whom you’ve never talked to actually. If you have ever been lucky enough to sit beside one of them, you couldn’t but notice beautiful drawings or some quaintly rhymed lines in their notebooks. These students usually appear the best at writing essays or doing some other creative projects. They are actually open to communication with everybody, though they might seem a bit strange at first sight.    

Students in Car


This is one of those rebels who believe that studying makes sense only when you combine it with a job. The more full-time this job is, the better. They are always engaged in various project, that is why they skip some classes. And only heavens know how they manage to submit all home assignments on time. They always look more confident and independent than others. And you are absolutely right if you think that it’s money that feeds their self-confidence.

The Lost

You are studying with them mostly because their parents somehow decided that their children wanted to study medicine or law, or any other course. It’s not that these guys don’t attend classes or don’t write assigned papers. They hand in everything on time, but not because they are so enthusiastic about their study. Just because they are promised bright future. However, even if it seems that they are really lost and don’t know what they like, after graduation they usually change their lives completely and go fulfill their own but not their parents’ dreams.

News Catcher

If you want to know who is going to throw a party or when the new movie will be screened, just find a news catcher and get the freshest info. If such person is your close friend, then you can be sure that you’ll always stay abreast of the latest novelties in the sphere of his or her interest. What’s more, you’ll be the first to hear the news. But the first after a news catcher, to be precise. 

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