Online or Traditional Shopping: What Is Better?

Shopping in Mall

Today, more and more young people prefer to shop online. As a result, a great number of web stores appear and they offer a wide variety of services: from the delivery of products to selling top-brand clothes. Sure, with such an amount of different shops, life becomes easier and people get more free time. There is no need to waste hours in a long queue in a local supermarket. After several mouse clicks and just wait for a courier, while spending your time efficiently. It is possible to write a good original essay while waiting for the delivery of your order. However, there are lots of frauds connected with online shopping: people lose their money and time. Sometimes, purchases on websites lead only to disappointment and anxiety. So, we combined these two types of shopping in our article and tried to discuss this issue. Their main statements are presented below. You can see advantages and disadvantages of a certain type of shopping and make your own conclusion. Also, this is a good topic for an argumentative essay, so just check some ideas here.

Issue of Time

Online shopping saves a lot of time: this is its main advantage. There is no necessity to spend hours in the mall in order to find an appropriate item. You can do it on a website just with several mouse clicks and do your work or study instead of the long-lasting shopping. Moreover, this is a perfect variant for people, who do not actually like to buy something. So, every single minute in a shop is a torture for them. Sure, such teenagers choose online shopping and save their nerves. In the case of time and its saving, online stores win. There is no wonder that busy people use this type of service.


Courier Delivering Orders

The next things, which matter for young people, are the speed of making a purchase and having it delivered to your place. However, it does not actually matter with traditional shopping as there is no need to ship items: you get them right in a shop. Sure, you have to spend time while trying some items on or choosing a certain thing among thousands of similar ones. As a result, you pay for a dress and can wear it the next day to your college or school. In case of online shopping, you have to wait several days or even weeks until the company delivers your order. In addition, you have to pay extra charges, if you want the delivery man to bring the items faster. You cannot just select something and get it at once. Patience is necessary while ordering online.


This point is very essential, especially concerning clothes. Many young people are attracted by beautiful pictures on the internet and order items without any thinking. However, after receiving the advertised items, they are disappointed and worried as the real quality of a product is much worse than it seemed to be. As a result, teenagers pay for terrible looking things and regret shopping online. In an actual store, you can touch the items, look at the material and understand if it is worth the price. This kind of shopping makes you know more about the product you buy.


Expensive Boutiques

For students, the price is usually the most important point, which they take into account first of all. Sure, materials and quality matter a lot as well. However, none of us wants to pay more for a certain thing. People are ready to pay high prices only for truly good items but not for something, which serves just for a few weeks. It is true that online shops often offer us cheaper things. This is not a trick. Stores in big malls are urged to pay rent, and thus raise the prices. Moreover, salaries of shop assistants also influence the price of a certain item. So, if you want to save some money, it will be better to make an order in one of the online stores.

Variety of Items

It is possible to see lots of variants of a certain thing in an online shop, unlike in most of the average stores. They cannot offer you such an amount of items as websites do. Most of the internet shops have all the sizes and colors of clothes, different types of goods, which are hard to get in a supermarket. If you try to find something rare and unusual, it will be better to look for it on the internet. In addition, there may be some specific sizes as extra-large, which are difficult to find in an average shop.

All in all, there are many pluses and minuses of both kinds of shopping, which you have to take into account. Remember that you have to consider your temper and preferences, first of all, to make a purchase pleasant and successful. You do not have to waste hours in the mall and shop if you hate this activity. You can choose online stores instead, which make the process of buying things much faster and easier. It is better to use both types of shopping in your life to live it fuller and get more pleasure.

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