7 Things One Has not to Expect from People

Expecting Too Much

The greatest and the most serious dismays in human’s life are connected to overpriced beliefs. This can be noticed especially well if to look at their relations with humans around a bit closer. Still, if you listen to myessay.us advice and stop waiting too much from other people, you’ll be able to get rid of unneeded and unwanted miseries, and to concentrate on things that matter a lot for you.

1. Do Not Hope People to Always Agree with Viewpoints You Have

At your disposal there are all the required measures and power to make your life look like you want it to look. Stay cheerful and positive, and never allow other peoples’ judgements or views to pull your boat off the correct course. You exist not in order to satisfy anyone else’s hopes and beliefs, just like they live not to correlate with your ones. If choices you make seem good and suitable, then no any other human is needed to confirm and estimate your choice.

Take a risk of being the human you actually are. Count on your intuitive feelings, even when you have a feeling of being shy or anxious. Avoid comparing your life to those of other humans, and try not to feel envy on successes they reach.

2. Do Not Think They Can Value You if Even You Can’t

The power is hidden in one’s principles and self-confidence, in being prepared to demonstrate them and then - to stand for them. It is not in the body, but inside the soul. Know that nobody is going to express love, to show their respect before you learn valuing and respecting yourself.

It is needed to be kind according to other humans and the world around. And it is equally crucial for you to be kind according to your personality as well.

With having your respect for yourself, with feeling your own love, you supply your mind with a possibility to become cheerful and happy.

If the human is happy, they get better: better as a friend, a wife or husband, a son or a daughter, a better version of themselves.

3. Do Not Think Everyone Has to Like You

In a company with some special persons, you may feel useless and dishonored. With others: you may fail to feel own importance. Do not forget about that value you certainly have. And have more time in a company of persons really  appreciating and valuing you.

It has no difference how excellent is your behavior in your relations with others: there always will be at least one personality criticizing you. Smile, nod, then forget about them and move further.

Sometimes people may judge your personality for being “another”. In fact, this is wonderful. The feature that differs you from people around, makes who you actually are. As a result, you can always find someone accepting you as given, by default.

4. Don’t Think Anyone to Be the One You Wish to See

To respect and love others around you is to allow them staying as they really are, with no willing to change anything in their character, behavior or appearance.

When you don’t wait for people to correlate with your model of things any longer to be right, you really start to value them.

Respect others, don’t push on them in order to make them change. You can’t know anyone else perfectly (despite the fact it may sometimes seem you can). It is always beautiful to explore new edges of their personality, isn’t it? The better you know some humans, the easier is to estimate them adequately.

5. Others Can’t Read Thoughts in Your Head

Can’t Read Thoughts

You probably know that people can’t read each other’s minds. Nobody can ever magically understand what you really feel until you inform them about that fact. For instance, your boss can even not think of your promotion if you don’t talk to them about it. That handsome guy or beautiful girl won’t be able to give you a talk, because of your being too shy: how can they talk to you if you constantly try to hide from them?

It is essential to interact with others regularly. You only need to tense your throat and say the first word. You will probably NEED to say people what your thoughts are. That is easy, just try to start.

6. Don’t Expect Anyone to Suddenly Get Changed

A widespread delusion: if to really care about a person intensively, sooner or later they will stop disappointing you and get changed. No, they won’t. If you really want to make some changes in other person’s behavior, put all the cards onto the table. Explain what your feelings are. Say what literally is needed to you.  

You can’t change someone in a moment, you should not even try. Accept all of them as they are, or go on living without them.

If to try changing others, they stay the same in most cases. But if you provide people with your sincere support and give them absolute freedom of choice, they magically change on their own.

7. Stop Expecting Things to Get Well (On their Own)

Be kind to people around you, because they can have tough times, too. There is a serious internal fight hidden behind each smile. They very often hide the same troubles you do.

Every human has the ability to go through failures and unlucky moments instead of avoiding them. Supporting, caring and flexibility are the best living presents. You have to find ways to accept them, as everybody shares the same wishes, needs, dreams and desires.

People do not always behave like you want them to. Do not ever forget that your life picture and happiness is directly dependent on your viewpoints. And always know, that if people made you learn or feel new things,  they appeared in your life not in vain, despite all the difficulties they caused.

Do what you can and when you think this to be possible, but be sure not to take too much responsibility, and not to judge yourself too strictly. Things can get better if you help them, but in this world, there are many different factors influencing the overall result.  

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